[Twisted-Python] Twisted service kit

Johan Euphrosine proppy at aminche.com
Fri Jun 13 12:04:07 EDT 2008


As part of a freelance job, I'm asked to glue twisted with other
technologies together as a proof of concept of what be done (and how),
in the context of a service communicating with C++ games.

As it may be useful to someone else, I'm pushing the source here:

This is what the code features/shows so far:
- JSON protocol over Int32StringReceived
- C++ sample client using boost.asio and Json_Spirit
- server and client OpenSSL endpoint
- XMLRPC with credential checking using twisted.web and twisted.cred
- packaging as a twisted plugin
- connection round robbin using pydirector
- inter node communication using twisted.spread perspective broker
- db persistance using storm ORM
- RPC registry using python decorator
- testing using twisted.trial and inlineCallbacks

I wonder if it is worth contributing on its own, to the newly created TX

Maybe some parts of it could be extracted, and made into a more
submittable (and useful) shape.

Any thoughts ?

Thanks to irc://irc.freenode.net/#twisted peoples for 24h/day help and
Johan Euphrosine <proppy at aminche.com>
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