[Twisted-Python] pyprocessing in twisted

Ed Suominen general at eepatents.com
Fri Jun 6 12:50:58 EDT 2008

Take a look at my AsynQueue project 
(http://foss.eepatents.com/AsynQueue), which includes provisions for 
this very thing in the asynqueue.workers module. A specific 
implementation for asynchronous cluster processing is available in my 
(you guessed it) AsynCluster project 
(http://foss.eepatents.com/AsynQueue). I'm using it regularly to run a 
complex statistical model on a 10-CPU cluster here.

Best regards, Ed

Peter Sabaini wrote:
> Hello list,
> probably a dumb question, but is it possible / a good idea to use 
> pyProcessing[1] in a Twisted application? 
> More specifically, I'd like to run a Twisted process A that accepts data from 
> the network and sends it down to a process B through a processing.Queue(). 
> Is that wise? Or should I just stick with reactor.spawnProcess() and 
> communicate with ProcessProtocol?
> Sorry for the newb-ness,
> peter.
> [1] http://pyprocessing.berlios.de/
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