[Twisted-Python] Re: Possible bug on twisted.conch.ssh.keys?

Andrew Bennetts andrew-twisted at puzzling.org
Mon Jul 28 20:00:51 EDT 2008

Adriano Marques wrote:
> <debug>
> >>> print m2[0] == M
> False
> >>> print m2[0]
> 5486124068793688683255936251187209270074392635932332070112001988456197381759672947165175699536362793613284725337872111744958183862744647903224103718245670299614498700710006264535590197791934024641512541262359795191593456970905950167587431434979106624455856690274067852326335446193014962274187407641892263
> >>> print M
> 5486124068793688683255936251187209270074392635932332070112001988456197381759672947165175699536362793613284725337872111744958183862744647903224103718245670299614498700710006264535590197791934024641512541262359795191593456970905950167587431434979106624455857062955565129940502062033292313613058888050118445
> >>> print type(m2[0]), type(M)
> <type 'long'> <type 'long'>
> </debug>
> So, m2[0] is really different from M, but why if I'm using the same
> keys from the same place?
> Hope this helps to clear the issue.

Suspiciously, they only differ in the last 50 or so decimal digits.  That
suggests a bug in the way they are being read, maybe?

As to your problems using un-deprecated APIs, a wild guess is that maybe your
PyCrypto version is too old?


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