[Twisted-Python] Twisted + Pyglet = txpyglet?

Nathan nathan.stocks at gmail.com
Fri Jul 25 01:47:56 EDT 2008

When I got asked the third (fourth?) time to show how I "integrated"
pyglet and twisted together, I decided to package it up and put it out

I called it txpyglet because of all the tx-prefix-discussion-stuff,
but it's really more of a sample app than a twisted library.

A short screencast demo and a link to a zipfile of the goods can be found here:


For the actual "integration" method, just look at the last 50-ish
lines of the txpyglet.py file.

P.S. Yes, this method of calling pyglet's loop is blocking.  Yes, I
know that's bad.  And yes, I'm open to suggestions for a better way
for those so inclined.  In fact, I think some people have already put
out better ways--I just haven't had time to look into them...

~ Nathan

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