[Twisted-Python] stopping daemon started via twistd

Jeff Dyke jeff.dyke at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 17:53:26 EDT 2008

I'm looking for a portable way to stop and start a twisted
application, specifically a  twisted.web.xmlrpc server being started
with a .tac file via twistd.  on ubuntu i can easily use the
start-stop-daemon but some other developers are using mac/windows and
i was looking for a nice way for all to be able to start and stop this
server as they make changes to it, aside from kill/killproc that is.

I noticed that the object returned after calling internet.SSLServer
server has a method called stopService, but am confused about how to
use that, after starting it with twistd.  Perhaps twistd is not the
right approach for starting?  googling around seems to bring up
arguments from years past about if this behavior belongs in twisted on
in the users app, but found no real solution...but may have missed the


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