[Twisted-Python] ZSI using Twisted Web Server

Torsten A. c2k_list at gmx.de
Tue Jul 1 07:06:21 EDT 2008

Hello everyone,
I hope I'm not totally off topic since this is not a specific twisted
problem, but I am stuck and don't know what to do...

I need to create WS's on the fly, meaning if someone connects to a given
fixed WS (call it baseWS) and asks for specific webservice created just for
him, I need to realize this. The new webservice will then be published under
a new URL than the baseWS is.

I am using twisted's resources in twisted.web.resource to watch the path and
then create the objects handling the request specific to the entered path.
Everything works fine up to this point.

Whenever I connect to the baseWS, the render-function is called and
deligates the request to render_POST(), which I created. In render_POST() I
can access the SOAP-Envelope via request.content.read(), just as supposed
to. Now, since I have the plaintext SOAP-Envelope, I need ZSI to parse it,
extract the functions and argument of the envelope (RPC call) and call the
corresponding function. I just cannot figure out where to start in ZSI.

Can someone help me out which function to call/ class to create? I just want
to enter the ZSI process where this step is done and then give control to
ZSI, as if it received the SOAP-envelope from its own webserver.


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