[Twisted-Python] Re: Events in Python

Drake Smith drakesmith at adelphia.net
Thu Jan 31 07:05:45 EST 2008

At 06:17 AM 1/31/2008, you wrote:
>Simon Pickles wrote:
> > Drew Smathers wrote:
> >>
> >> Deferreds are a one-shot deal - you can only call them once.
> >>
> > eeek! of course they are! Well at least in Python the roll-your-own
> > option is very straight forward.
>Or check out http://pydispatcher.sourceforge.net/.
>We use this extensively with twisted.... Deferred for one shot events, and
>dispatcher for events that can be fired multiple times.

Another Event Dispatcher may be found here, deep in the bowels of Twisted:


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