[Twisted-Python] Soon to be not-a-newbie?

Nitro nitro at dr-code.org
Sat Jan 26 09:42:52 EST 2008

Am 26.01.2008, 13:01 Uhr, schrieb Tristan Seligmann  
<mithrandi at mithrandi.za.net>:

> In the vast majority of network applications, I believe deferred
> operations are not sequenced in a linear fashion;

Deferreds are not network application specific. They're related to  
asynchronous things in general. For example I make good use of them for  
some GUI things, too. I have cut and pasted some examples from my code  


Ex. 1: This waits for things to arrive over network then displays it.

     def onLoadSceneButton(self, evt):
         worlds = yield self.app.client.getAvailableWorlds()
         dlg = SimpleListBoxDialog(self.gui, worlds)
             name = yield dlg.showModal()
         except EmptySelectionException:
             print 'Not setting a new world!'
             self.app.sendEvent( Events.setGameWorld(name) )

Ex. 2: A simple GUI based game where you have to guess a number between 0  
and 999

class GuessNumberGame(Minigame.Minigame):
     name = 'Guess the number'

     def start(self):
         #'Ok. The number I chose is between 0-999. Now you have to guess.  
I will'
         #'tell you if your number is lower or higher than mine. If you  
need more'
         #'than 10 attempts you lost.'

         player = self.players[0]

         number = random.randint(0,999)

         won = False
         result = ''
         for i in range(0,10):
             guess = yield player.getNextMove( (i, result) )	# here we wait  
for the user to enter something into the GUI
             if guess > number:
                 result = 'too high'
                 player.setMessage('too high')
             elif guess < number:
                 result = 'too low'
                 player.setMessage('too low')
                 won = True
                 player.setMessage( "You've won! %d was the magic number" %  
number )

         if not won:
             player.setMessage( "You've lost! %d was the magic number" %  
number )

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