[Twisted-Python] Soon to be not-a-newbie?

Simon Pickles sipickles at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 25 17:17:50 EST 2008

L. Daniel Burr wrote:
> You make no mention of interfaces, which I think are key to 
> understanding Twisted.
Oh ok, this is interesting. I have been dabbling for ages on and off 
with twisted and I heard my first mention of interfaces YESTERDAY in the 
o'Reilly book (it didn't explain them either!)

Please, tell me more!

>> (btw, ALL tutorials never make clear which functions are overridden, 
>> and which are newly-defined)
> There's a good point.  Perhaps the tutorials should provide more links to
> the API documentation, specifically, to the interfaces being implemented
> by these classes.  Once you look at the interfaces a given class 
> implements,
> it is easy to see what is being overridden.
Maybe a simple naming convention would help here. noLeadingCaps for 
twisted functions and LeadingCaps for defined? or a few inline comments 
in code samples? ;)

> I note the smiley, but still, you're exaggerating quite a bit here.  For
> most jobs, you do the same basic dance:
> - create a protocol
> - create a factory
> - create a driver script, or a service if you need a daemon.
I had to admit, as I wrote my criticism, it didn't 'sound' as tricky as 
it once had!

I know I will grow to really like twisted. Maybe its just very BIG. When 
you start, you don't know which parts are useful to you. eg, I was using 
twisted.internet loads, and battling with threaded SQL queries until I 
stumbled across twisted.enterprise.adbapi. Good job I did!

Nice to pick your brain!



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