[Twisted-Python] Re: Teach Me Twisted?

Steve Holden steve at holdenweb.com
Wed Jan 23 13:36:36 EST 2008

Andrew Francis wrote:
> Hi Steve:
>> I've been lurking on the list a while, and wondered
>> how much of a Twisted presence there is going to be
> at >PyCon in March.
> Good question. I am giving a talk called "Adventures
> in Stackless Python/Twisted Integration." The talk has
> been labelled "advanced."
> However for me, a large part of the "adventure" is
> slowly learning Twisted and Stackless concepts. So I
> really want to capture newbie misconceptions, the
> pitfalls, the "you shouldn't do that" advice, and the
> cool things you can do once you get the swing of
> things. And finally, where do we go from here?
> One of things I will do is use diagrams to show
> control flow in Twisted in Stackless. I feel the Abe
> Fettig book and the Stackless literature would be
> greatly improved if it has more illustrations of this
> sort.
>> One possible solution would be to run an open space
>> session at PyCon in which experienced users explain
> to >a novice how to get started in the Twisted
>> environment.
> Well no one from Twisted has contacted me (on the
> other hand, I have talked a bit with Christian since
> he has a Stackless and PyPy talk). However I would
> love to help novices get on board.
Great. I'll try to attend your talk, and any ideas you have to help with 
"Teach Me Twisted" will be warmly welcomed. The idea is to try to leave 
something behind that will help others engage with Twisted more quickly 
and effectively (though I should point out there are no guarantees of 

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