[Twisted-Python] Re: epollreactor for pyicq-0.6-t

Steve Holden steve at holdenweb.com
Tue Jan 8 14:39:11 EST 2008

Steven ZHOU wrote:
> Hi,
> I hope some one could offer me some help on this. I am quite new to both
> python and twisted.
> The thing I do may sounds a bit wierd. I am using a pyicq-0.6-t. As
> pyicq-0.6-t only works with twisted-2.2 or earlier, so I chose to install
> twisted-2.2. However, I wished to use epollreactor as the default
> selectreactor only supports 1024 file descriptors. So I copied the relevant
> files of epollreactor which is installed on twisted-2.5 to the
> site-packages/twisted-2.2 directory. I copied 5 files in the total,
> epollreactor.py, epoll..pyx to the twisted/internet directory, _epoll.py
> _epoll.pyc and _epoll.so to twisted/python directory. I can't remember the
> exact file names. I copied it with a hope that it works. I am not sure
> whether I am doing thing stupid here. correct me if I am.
I dub thee "Frankenstein": "Hmm, let's see, a bit of 2.2, and if I use 
the same amount of 2.6 that should come out right around 2.4".

If only that were true ...

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