[Twisted-Python] ldaptor and bind

Ottavio Campana ottavio at campana.vi.it
Mon Jan 7 19:06:31 EST 2008

Tommi Virtanen ha scritto:
>> PS: going on with my idea, I could overwrite handle_LDAPModifyDNRequest by 
>> always rising ldaperrors.LDAPUnwillingToPerform. The same for all other 
>> add/delete/modify request...
> Ah, good. You realize they are there ;) That was my point, earlier you
> spoke only of filtering search requests. To implement ACLs, you need
> way more than that.

thanks for making me realize that. :-)

I just need to understand how I can modify an LDAPFilter instance and 
I'll be done. You said it is not a string, so is there a way to easily 
change it? Otherwise, where is the filter converted from string to 

It's not acls, but I'll get the same effect for my application.


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