[Twisted-Python] ldaptor and bind

Ottavio Campana ottavio at campana.vi.it
Mon Jan 7 19:02:27 EST 2008

Phil Mayers ha scritto:
>> I can't run openldap on that hardware and I need a way to separate 
> I would be surprised if that were true. Why can't you run openldap?

* strict hardware resources. By adopting twisted I was able to remove 
apache,php and I hope to be able to remove also openldap.

* the fact that in case of power failure openldap database gets too 
often corrupted. I repeat, in this case I have all the informations in a 
db whose backups are regular, so I just need an ldap server to let the 
clients access the information in read only.

* it doesn't integrate as well as ldaptor with the rest of the software 
I am developing.

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