[Twisted-Python] jabber/gtalk/msn with twisted using http proxy with authentication

Astan Chee stanc at al.com.au
Fri Jan 4 00:24:54 EST 2008

I was looking around for modules that support jabber like 
twister.words.protocols.jabber but the problem is that I can only 
connect via http proxy at a certain port (8080) with authentication. I 
was wondering if twisted supports this? I am firstly trying to connect 
to MSN's server via specifications from here:
http://www.hypothetic.org/docs/msn/general/http_connections.php and 
before I start messing with twisted, I was wondering if twisted already 
does this or can do it by changing certain settings; otherwise I'll have 
to make my own from scratch. Next im trying to connect to google's talk 
server (talk.google.com) which is abit different but still requires 
authentication from the http proxy server and Im not sure what to change 
in twisted so that it allows http proxy with authentication.
Thanks for any help.

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