[Twisted-Python] Re: Open Spaces Revisited

Steve Holden steve at holdenweb.com
Fri Feb 29 10:47:02 EST 2008

Steven H. Rogers wrote:
> On Wed, February 27, 2008 08:48, Andrew Francis wrote:
>> Also I am not sure how the "open spaces" works. Is it
>> another talk. Or is it a bunch of one on ones, or one
>> to a few?
> Last year there was a board in a high traffic area for reserving open
> space rooms and posting information about meetings in them.  It was pretty
> dynamic.  Some open space meetings were prepared talks, while others were
> just groups getting together to talk about a topic of interest, and I
> think some may have turned into coding sessions.
> # Steve

Yes, despite higher numbers this year (887 registrants so far!) there is 
plenty of Open Space accommodation, and I believe the principle is to 
leave most stuff open until the conference actually begins. Checking on


I do see the phrase "Open Space scheduling happens at PyCon". I am 
giving a tutorial, so I should will be there to book the space in plenty 
of time, and the larger rooms will handle up to 50 people comfortably.

We could probably register a BoF in advance, but I don't want to hijack 
what will really be a Twisted community event, and I don't know what 
people's schedules are (as I understand there may be other Twisted 
events). It would be really nice to get an idea of numbers to make sure 
that we have an appropriately-sized room.

I was hoping we could do it after dinner on Friday or Saturday, in a 
fairly leisurely style - perhaps starting at 7:00 or 7:30 and repairing 
to the bar for liquid refreshments about 9:30? To encourage 
participation I will happily buy a drink for anyone who significantly 
advances my understanding of Twisted; on the other hand, lead me down a 
blind alley and you owe me a drink (unless I judge you are doing it just 
to get me hammered).

Would that make it more fun? I should really be the only one on the spot 
here. I'll be wearing brown trousers ...

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