[Twisted-Python] Re: Reactor is left dirty after calling twisted.mail.smtp.sendmail via trial

Michał Pasternak michal.dtz at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 14:33:12 EST 2008

Dnia 2008-02-26, o godz. 15:40:54
Marcin Kasperski <Marcin.Kasperski at softax.com.pl> napisał(a):

> > Am I wrong?
> I took a deeper look. Looks like it is caused by the way smtp.py
> works.
> Not sure whether it is possible to do anything with that (without 
> rewriting the module deeply) :-(

Let me ask the other way then - is it against testing philosophy to run
functions like t.m.smtp.sendmail from the unittest? It is
environment-dependent - however there are some cases when calling it
from the test is useful. 

If I shouldn't even think about calling such functions from the
unittest, maybe someone could point out a better method of testing?


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