[Twisted-Python] Installing Twisted on Win32 Cygwin

Stephen Leake stephen_leake at stephe-leake.org
Tue Feb 26 03:37:26 EST 2008

"Jaime Wyant" <programmer.py at gmail.com> writes:

> On Sat, Feb 23, 2008 at 3:12 AM, Stephen Leake <
> stephen_leake at stephe-leake.org> wrote:
>> I'm attempting to install Twisted using the Cygwin installation of
>> Python. This is my first time using Python; I'm setting up a buildbot
>> for monotone (http://www.venge.net/mtn-wiki/BuildBot).
>> I could probably make things work with a native Win32 installation of
>> Python, but I suspect it would be simpler in the long run to get the
>> Cygwin version working.
> [snip!]
> As far as simplicity goes, IIRC, windows Twisted comes as a windows
> executable.  Install windows python, then install twisted.  I don't think it
> can get much easier than that.

That makes the Twisted installation easier, yes.

But it doesn't make _using_ Twisted easier. Mixing Win32 tools and
Cygwin tools is usually a headache.

-- Stephe

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