[Twisted-Python] Installing Twisted on Win32 Cygwin

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Sat Feb 23 10:20:52 EST 2008

When I want to install Twisted on cygwin, using the cygwin version of  
Python, I just get the twisted sumo source tarball, untar it, and run  
"python ./setup.py install".  That's all.

Is that what you did?

I don't really understand the problems you encountered, starting with  
not understanding why you need to know the location of a Python DLL.

Oh, I have a theory.  I theorize that you tried to use a Twisted  
"binary" package.  I think it is a bad idea in general to use a  
binary package of software when you can get the source instead, and  
in particular I think that installing Twisted is much easier on all  
platforms including Windows and Cygwin if you do it from the Twisted  
source tarball than if you do it from the "binary package".



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