InlineCallback Friendly ? Re: [Twisted-Python] Question

Andrew Francis andrewfr_ice at
Thu Feb 21 17:00:07 EST 2008

Hi Jean-Paul:

>Depending on the value returned by a method is an API
>decision made by whoever implemented the protocol.


>The only kind of dispatcher which is really hostile
>towards inlineCallbacks is the kind which is hostile
>towards Deferreds in general - ie, one which requires
>a return value and does not support Deferreds.

This is extremely *helpful*. From reading the
"Evolution of Finger" paper, I am realising that
Deferreds are also used in ServerProtocols (this makes

>Not really.  It's just an API.  Unless the return
>value isn't allowed to be a Deferred, there's little
>difference between using the return
>value and ignoring it.


>The reactor doesn't care.  This is all pyAMF stuff. 
>pyAMF accepts Deferreds (again, near as I can tell)
>and treats their eventual result as the response to
>the request, sending it off in whatever
>way is appropriate for AMF.

I notice that I am using an old version of pyAMF. When
I tried callbacks, a string representation of the
Deferred was sent back to my client. Looking at the
latest version (I can't install and use it right now),
I see lines like "A Twisted Friendly implement"
version and __call__ returns a deferred.

Once again Jean-Paul, I find your explanation super
helpful and save me time going down the wrong path. 


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