[Twisted-Python] LDAP server based on python

xavier dutoit xavier at sydesy.com
Mon Feb 18 18:04:33 EST 2008

> > right ? Did Ottavio Campana manage to have something working and did
> > he publish the result of his modifications ?
> Yes, I got something useful, it's going to be deployed soon but
> eventually I didn't come out with acls. Even though I have to say
> ldaptor fits well in my project and for some aspects I'm happier than
> with openldap.

Congrat !
Are you going to release the ldap code with an open source license ?

I'm in discussion with Tommi about adding ACLs, would you be
interested ? Beside, he told me ldaptor should be updated to work with
the latest on twisted, something you've done already ?

> I have a web application I wrote with twisted web. This application
> saves data in a sqlite file. Whenever the user modifies it from the web,
> the application updates also the files used by ldaptor, since what I
> need is only to export them with ldap.

Yes, more or less what I want to do (based on mysql instead of sqlite).

What is the ldap client you use ? What is the ldap schema (my goal is
to read it from a mail client)

> It does not have acls, but I managed to get something similar by
> patching how the ldap server works. Moreover, to prevent corruption I
> modified how operations different from search behave.

> What do you want to do?

Quite simply provide LDAP access (bind, search, unbind) on the
contacts in a CRM (civicrm). I'm working for NGOs, and that's the
easiest I found to provide access to the address book from within
outlook/thunderbird/whatever mail client.

> About doc: in ldaptor/protocols/ldap/ldapserver.py I found nearly
> everything I needed, give al look also to ldaptor/ldiftree.py to see how
> not to store everything in memory but in a filesystem. Also give a look
> at http://www.inoi.fi/open/trac/ldaptor/browser/trunk/test-ldapserver.tac

Thanks ! Why didn't you try fetching directly from the db instead of
putting it in an intermediate file ?

> I hope it is enough, I've been able to understand how it works from
> these files.

I hope too.

> Bye,

Sorry for the delay, it took me a while to get in touch with tommi and
move forward on how to work on that together.

What is your application ? Is this something public ?


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