[Twisted-Python] Re: How to make a secure connection between two computers

Phil Mayers p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk
Mon Feb 18 11:34:40 EST 2008

> There's also TLSLite, which includes Twisted support.  I don't have any
> first-hand experience with it either, though.

TLSLite is very very nice. I've used it to write an EAP-supporting 
radius server (for debugging only, real people should use FreeRadius) 
incidentally in Twisted.

In particular I find the TLSLite/Twisted integration nice because of the 
protocol wrapping approach (rather than magic methods and __class__ 
fiddles on the transport). The TLSConnection objects also make it quite 
a bit easier to get at some of the TLS-related items. The fallback to 
pure-python can be handy in a pinch too.

It's somewhat a shame it's public domain rather than an explicit license.

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