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Bernie Roehl broehl at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 13:30:53 EST 2008

On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 10:32 AM, Thomas Boucher <
thomas.boucher at student.ecp.fr> wrote:

> I am currently part of a MMORPG project in python, using Twisted
> and python-ogre.

Hey, me too!  I wonder if anyone else out there is doing this -- it seems
like a natural combination of technologies.

- First run python-ogre in the main loop. At a time, this loop launches
> the twisted reactor in another thread

Everyone I've spoken to has recommended not using threads with Twisted.

> - So I tried not to run Twisted in another thread, by using the way
> described here [2]. Twisted is given the main loop and the
> rendering is done frame by frame with the coiterate. It works sometimes,
> the renderOneFrame in the coiterration is not really working.

I hadn't seen that discussion thread before, and I'm not that familiar with

What I'm currently doing is this:

def renderFrame():

renderTask = task.LoopingCall(renderFrame)
renderTask.start(0.01, False)

I do my keyboard and mouse capture in a frame listener which I register with

It works, but I've only done a little bit of network activity (e.g. an IRC

If any Twisted experts would care to comment on the above code, I'd
appreciate it.

I'm also wondering what would be the advantages of using a coiterator...?

Bernie Roehl
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