[Twisted-Python] Pyjamas + web2py + twisted vs Django + Pinax

Theron D. Huffman huffman at tokyo.email.ne.jp
Thu Dec 18 20:44:49 EST 2008

I'm about to start programming a game in Python. The game will be a web-based board game with a social aspect, something like http://www.chesspark.com. I want the game to run in both browsers and as a desktop client. Therefore I'm wondering what python-based technologies I need. I know that Javascript/AJAX is necessary for the browser part so I have decided on the following:

1. Pyjamas -  (for the AJAX browser stuff)

2. Pyjamas-desktop - (for the desktop client)

3. Web2py (or djanjo, or django+pinax)  - for the website on which the game will run and for database access and social part - login, chat, members, profiles, game history, etc.)

4. Twisted - for the networking and chat functionality.

5. Pygame - for most of the game stuff, sprites, inages, etc. (Actually I don't know if Pygame is necessary for a board-type game.)

My understanding of the above technologies is still limited and I'm not sure if I need all of these because some functionality may be overlapped. e.g. I don't know where Pyjamas leaves off and where web2py/danjo/pinax begins.

Can someone please give me some advice?

Kindest Regards,
Dan Huffman

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