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* Manlio Perillo <manlio_perillo at libero.it> [2008-12-13 11:54:05 +0100]:

> glyph at divmod.com ha scritto:
>> For another, the paper arbitrarily redefines the word "threads" to mean 
>> "this cool thing that doesn't exist yet", rather than existing things  
>> that people call "threads".  It specifically mentions the deficiencies  
>> of current thread implementations and does not always point to specific 
>> improvements, let alone the challenge of popularizing and deploying  
>> those improvements.  The comparison to erlang's concurrency model is  
>> interesting, since they specifically avoid the term "threads" - erlang  
>> calls them "processes" to avoid exactly the confusion the authors are  
>> attempting to create.
> The reason Erlang calls them "processes" is because in Erlang each  
> "thread of execution" share nothings with other "threads of execution".
> Haskell, as an example, has "micro threads" support, and it calls them  
> threads (or "Haskell threads"), since the state is shared (but the  
> function that creates a new "thread" is called forkIO, with an  
> additional function forkOS, that creates a thread bound to an OS thread).

There isn't any sharing of *mutable* state, though, unless you
explicitly share it, so this is a lot more similar to Erlang processes
than to Python threads.
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