[Twisted-Python] Running commands / collecting datas via SSH on many machines: Twisted vs plain old scripts ?

Alessio Pace alessio.pace at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 03:55:35 EST 2008


I have to run commands and (later in time) collect logs from many machines,
connecting through SSH.

I was _genuinely_ wondering what an SSH client written in Twisted could give
me more than executing plain old shell scripts in a for loop.

>From what I saw, given the fact that my run/collect commands remain still
shell commands (cp, tar, etc...), the only thing that may change is that
using Twisted I could have a better utilization of resources rather than a
simple shell for loop in which I iterate in order over all the machines on
which I have to issue commands.

Am I missing something? I would like to stress the fact that I'm asking this
as a very specific question for Twisted usage in the context of
running/retrieving results on remote machines (as indeed I already happily
use Twisted for running custom network protocols) and I would right to
choose a simple but effective solution for this case.

Thanks in advance,
Alessio Pace.
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