[Twisted-Python] monitoring net resources with twisted

Sidharth Jain sidharth.jain at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 03:59:25 EST 2008

I want to track a set network resources like Linux servers,hosts for network
connectivity , and want to keep track of their activeness and possible
inactivity due to network outage or any other reason. The hosts/serves I'm
trying to monitor are regular Linux boxes with 2.6.x kernel. My personal
preference would be a dynamic background heart-beat process which could sit
on these servers/hosts and send periodic udp-packets to a master server to
signal host activity and inactivity.

As I'm quite new to twisted i would like to know if twisted provides any
functionality/libraries to do net monitoring.Any ideas using twisted to do
the same would be greatly appreciated.

Sid J
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