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On Tue, Dec 2, 2008 at 3:27 PM, Sven-Erik Tiberg <Sven-Erik.Tiberg at ltu.se>wrote:

> Hi.
> I know it now, put a completly wrong question on this forum.
> The reason are that I'm looking for a protocol to exchange states of
> objects in 3D worlds ( web3d.org ) and simulation applications so it can
> form f.ex. driver simulators, flight simulators a.s.o.
> In searching for a protocol that connect X3D sceens together, I found some
> X3D browsers that used custom defined protocols that are not open to make it
> possible to add other applications than the X3D browsers from the same
> company.
> That's why I installed 2 of this browsers and protocol brokers in my
> systems to try them out and "sniff" the protocol using wireshark.
> Found a chapter in wireshark describing a viewer for lua and assumed it was
> a networkprotocol, but so wrong I was.
> Back to square one, in finding a protocol. Though there are the outdated
> protocol DIS ( Distributed Interactive Protocol ) defined in the X3D spec.
> the development for a new spec of protocol needs a boost.
> Why bring twisted in to this, well there are a need for two lewel of
> distributed simulation, one in the same computer ( innerloop ) for fast
> resonse on stimuli on the model like a emidietly responce to turning of
> steeringwheel and one slower responce but more complex model ( outer loop )
> like the responce of the car on the turning wheel with respect of suspension
> dynamic, wheel dynamic a.s.o. That need to transfere states over the
> network.
> The innerloop could use python libs to read USB-streams from Human
> Interface Devices and make some calculations to send states to teh X3D model
> using twisted and a protocol. The other use of f.ex. twisted could be to
> interface a simulation engine like pyODE and more python libs or
> modelica.org or...
> Have to search on for a usefull protocol, maybee xml based.

this is more of what you should be looking for http://www.opentnl.org/
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