[Twisted-Python] When would you considering split a server application to some physical instance with different logic function?

Peter Cai newptcai at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 10:45:10 EST 2008

Hi all,

First, I am sorry because it's not a question related to twisted.
But since twisted is a networking programming framework,  you might be

Some of my colleagues have a view that a net work server should be split to
small parts with different functions,
either with processes communicating with socket, or with threads talking on
message queues.

Their points are these:

1.  Each part could it's own state-machine, thus we could split big
state-machines to decoupled small ones.

2.  It makes a pipe line that could handle some requests at the same time
without introducing lock problem of threading.
Just like how CPU use pipe line to improve performance.

3.  It resembles a micro-kernel system which is supposed to have better

As far as I know, some networking device manufactures use this model to
implement their routers or switches.
but I have never heard any examples besides that.
As twisted book says, most networking application use one of these 3 modes:

1. handle each connection in a separate operating system process, in which
case the operating system will take care
of letting other processes run while one is waiting;

2. handle each connection in a separate thread1 in which the threading
framework takes care of letting other threads
run while one is waiting; or

3. use non-blocking system calls to handle all connections in one thread.
(Like twisted or lib-event or just select)

After considering for a while,  I thought there are some faults in the
multiple parts model:

1. Writing code to handle message is much more tedious than just doing
function calls
2. It's not very easy to make a pipe line works fine.

OK, hope I made myself clear.  Since most of you who are reading this mail
list ,
are experienced networking programmers,  I think you might give some insight
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