[Twisted-Python] Jython reactor - a proposal

Alan Franzoni alan.franzoni.xyz at gmail.com
Fri Aug 8 06:05:27 EDT 2008

Hello everybody,
I recently took a look at the current Jython status, and it seems to me
that the latest alpha provides a good compatibility towards the standard

I'd really like running jython+twisted, so when I realized there was no
reactor available for such platform I took some time to analyze the issue:

- An old-and-incomplete java reactor existed in Twisted 1.3 which used
- java.nio would be a better choice to implement such a reactor since java
- a wrapper around java.nio called EIO existed (
http://java.twistedmatrix.com/eio/ ) but there seems no way to take a peek
at it since there's no file that can be accessed beyond its home page
(every single link is broken :-( )
- a kind of async networking library called Apache Mina is avaiable for
java, and it makes use of java.nio
- other java-reactor pattern implementations are available around (e.g.
assorted on sourceforge ).

So, it seems java.nio is the right way to go and there's quite a lot of
code around to look at. Since I'd like to code a java reactory, I've got
some questions:
- any other clue? Is there anything else I should look at before starting
my code?
- is there any way I could be given commit access to a private branch on
twisted svn repository? i could set up a repo elsewhere, but this would
make synchronization and merging a bit more painful and slow.
- is there any other similar project ongoing by anyone else?


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