[Twisted-Python] documentation / kqueue / feedback

Simon Pickles sipickles at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 17 06:01:48 EDT 2008

Dr aio wrote:
> - How about writing some complete docs and tutorials? Sth. along the 
> lines of "My first web server wit TM" (instead all those - sometimes 
> seeming to contradict each other - snippets)
> I'm still fascinated by TM and still willingto invest time, efforts 
> and 
> brains. But I'd love to have some properly working base and docs that expßlain rather than confuse.

Welcome Aio,

I am new to the Twisted community and had a similar experience to you 
when I started, a kind of excited frustration? :)

I started a very constructive and informative thread on this forum in 
which Daniel Burr and Others helped a great deal.


I _really_ want to write that newbie guide, just an alternative intro to 
twisted. Now my twisted server is working, I might have a go!

Keep the faith - we'll get there!

Best regards



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