[Twisted-Python] Deferreds and Tasklets

Andrew Francis andrewfr_ice at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 7 11:22:44 EDT 2008

Hi Simon:

So I am still fiddling with interesting ways to
combine stackless and twisted. Its fun, but I am
probably naively hacking! (I always seem to want to
use the deprecated code!- probably says a lot about

Simon I am all for fiddling! I was lucky to be around
some great fiddlers. "Adventures in Stackless Python /
Twisted Integration" is about my fiddling. One of the
things I tried to do with "Adventures" was show the
how and why's of the basic techniques. 

If there is something you don't understand, please
ask. That way I can improve the explanations. 

Some additional comments.

1) I try to learn from what others have done
concerning Stackless and Twisted - i.e., Richard Tew
and Christopher Armstrong. I found Richard's TinyMud
easier to follow than blockOn but got that both were
variations of the same approach. The main thing I took
away from there was learning how
deferred/callbacks/channels/tasklets interacted. 

Learning things on your own is cool. However sometimes
you are just re-inventing the wheel....

2) My knowledge increased when I understand more about
what Twisted and Stackless did under the hood. One
needs a descriptive model. Without that I would not
have been able to solve the deadlock/starvation issue
when making what is essentially a nested call. 

I am not sure if we are entirely out of the woods yet
there (in part I want people to punch holes in the
techniques). And there is much about Twisted that I
need to learn.

Take away, a deeper understanding prevents you from
spinning your wheels.

3) I try to combine 1 & 2, with literature surveys to
create a predictive model - how can we test? How can
we improve things? I believe there is considerable
room for improvement.

Take away, you don't want your wheels stuck in a rut.


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