[Twisted-Python] Re: Stackless Python/Twisted example Re: Advice sought on application evolution

Don Dwiggins ddwiggins at advpubtech.com
Thu Apr 3 12:32:26 EDT 2008

Andrew Francis wrote:
> In your case Don, I try to show how layering helps
> model business logic. In the example, think of the
> Process and AlarmProcess belonging to the business
> logic layer.
> I have tried my best to strip away the WS-BPEL
> specific parts to show how I integrate Stackless with
> Twisted. Still the architecture is influenced by my
> need to prototype. I am still experimenting.

Thanks much for the example.  At a quick scan, it looks like it'll take 
some digesting to get my head around.  I'll give it a closer look when I 
get the chance.

Don Dwiggins
Advanced Publishing Technology

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