[Twisted-Python] Re: ??: Twisted 8.0.1 for Python 2.5 for Windows is missing Zope

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Wed Apr 2 07:38:43 EDT 2008

> Most likely, but zope.interface on Windows would require Visual Studio
> 2003. I tried easy_install but couldn't complete it.

The error message that says "Python was built with Visual Studio  
version 7.1, and extensions need to be built with the same version of  
the compiler" isn't true.

Install gcc (I recommend cygwin, but mingw will also work), and put  
the following stanza into your distutils config file:


(You put "compiler=mingw32" regardless of whether you've installed  
the cygwin version of gcc or the mingw version of gcc.)

After that, builds will just work.  In particular "easy_install  
zope.interface" works, and if you don't have zope.interface then when  
you "easy_install twisted" it will automatically install zope.interface.

By the way, building extensions with mingw32 can in theory cause  
crashes if the extensions pass C++ iostreams back and forth with the  
main interpreter.  I've never experienced such a thing myself and I'm  
not entirely sure that it is even possible, since I doubt that the  
main interpreter uses iostreams.  Nonetheless, this is apparently one  
of the reasons why the Python people don't standardize on gcc, as  
described in this message:




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