[Twisted-Python] Event dispatcher

glyph at divmod.com glyph at divmod.com
Tue Apr 1 05:20:15 EDT 2008

On 06:36 am, mailing_lists at evotex.ch wrote:
>I was searching for an event dispatching mechanism in twisted and I cam 
>upon this :
>but apparently it's being depreciated. There is no mention of what 
>replaces it though, does someone know? Is there no replacement? If so, 
>that must mean that there is a better way of doing things, can someone 
>please tell me how?

While various other ad-hoc event dispatchers exist throughout Twisted, 
the suggested replacement for t.p.dispatch is just writing your own 
function that calls functions.  Personally, I've found that attempting 
to write a totally generic event dispatch system inevitably results in 
extremely complex code whose purpose is unclear.

The one in xish which Ralph mentioned, for example, deals in part with 
XPath events; this is not a requirement that almost anything except the 
code for which it was written (twisted.words.protocols.jabber) will 

That said, there are other packages which provide very, very flexible 
dispatch mechanisms, if you like that sort of thing.  One that I have 
heard a bunch of good things about is http://pylouie.org/ - again, I 
wouldn't recommend this personally, I'd look at your application and see 
what kind of events need dispatching and why, and write something geared 
towards that.  After all, the core of an "event dispatcher" is simply a 
dictionary lookup and a for loop, not something that's particularly 
onerous to repeat every so often.

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