[Twisted-Python] waiting for data before shutdown

Andreas Poisel a.poisel at acat.cc
Tue Sep 25 14:27:06 EDT 2007


My client is supposed to wait for two seconds to receive data when a
shutdown event is triggered.  In buildProtocol() the trigger is added:

    self.sdt= reactor.addSystemEventTrigger('before', 'shutdown', protocol.shutdown)

The method shutdown() is supposed to wait for 2 seconds before closing
the connection:

    def shutdown(self):
        self.doSomeCleanup() # works
        self.sendSomeData()  # works
        d= defer.Deferred()
        reactor.callLater(2.0, d.callback, None)
        return d

The shutdown() method gets called, cleanup and sending of data work as
expected.  But the connection is closed by my client _before_ the two
seconds are over.  Isn't the shutdown process supposed to be halted
until the deferred returned by shutdown() is fired?

Thank you!
Bye, Andreas

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