[Twisted-Python] Web Proxy that does something different once a day

Fred Trotter fred.trotter at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 10:46:09 EDT 2007

       thanks for replying. Obviously I am interested in using Python
and Twisted for this. But otherwise I have no implementation
requirements. As for your summary of what I wanted...

        * Yes, we would have to track per IP address.
        * Yes, we would have to track when an IP last accessed the
required reading..
        * No we do not need to worry about what "version" they read of
the required reading. So the required reading is just a website whose
content can change without worrying about this application.
        * We want them to go the "homepage" for more than just
required reading. These are low level information workers who need the
links on the home page to do their jobs, but might still set their
personal homepage to yahoo. Since they tend to waste time at yahoo,
but tend to work at the websites linked from my "required reading"
forcing them to go there to start the day is a gentle reminder that
they need to work. So the point of the process is not to enforce the
required reading, but to enforce a "start-the-work-day homepage" for
the computers on the network.

Which means the problem is only about half as complex!!


> Fred,
> To effectively achieve what you've outlined is really quite involved, and the answer to your question is heavily tied to the implementation.
> You will be controlling access by clients to the internet. You will make that decision based essentially three factors:
> - Client IP Address making access request.
> - When the client IP address last accessed what version of the Required Reading.
> - What is the current version of the Required Reading / when did it renew.
> In order to provide some example code, the frame work of the implementation needs to be known.
> Cheers,
> Matt.
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Fred Trotter

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