Twisted does NOT require Zope!!! (Re: [Twisted-Python] twistd doesn't work)

David Langford langford.d at
Sun Sep 9 05:06:14 EDT 2007


 I can't actually remember what the error message said. Maybee if you just
say, 'zope interface (this is different from zope)' . I think i was just
assuming the zope inferface came with the zope package.

Sorry i couldn't be more specific but i hope this helps.



On 9/7/07, glyph at <glyph at> wrote:
> On 05:36 am, langford.d at wrote:
> >  I did have the latest Twisted 2.5.0 installed. But I don't think i had
> >the
> >latest python installed. I installed that and now python doesnt see
> >twisted.
> >I downloaded the latest tarball again and when i tried to install it
> >(using
> >python install) it tells me i need zope (which it didn't last
> >time).
> Twisted does not, has never, and *will* never require Zope.  It requires
> Zope Interface, which is a separate, isolated library used by, and
> developed for, Zope.  Get it here:
> This is not the first time I've heard this misunderstanding.  How could
> we have more clearly worded the error message that you saw so that you'd
> notice that Zope Interface is not Zope?
> >So i've downloaded the latest stable zope but it wont let me install
> >because
> >it isn't supported by the latest version of python.
> Download the latest Zope Interface from the URL above.  It's supported
> by Python 2.5, and it works fine.
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