[Twisted-Python] Foolscap-0.1.6 released

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Sun Sep 2 18:14:44 EDT 2007

I've released Foolscap-0.1.6, with a few minor bugfixes. The new release can
be downloaded from PyPI or directly from the Foolscap home page:


This release fixes the debian packaging problems that prevented 0.1.5 from
being able to create .deb packages. It also fixes a problem with the ChoiceOf
constraint, and fixes a couple of problems in the documentation. Foolscap
versions 0.1.3 through 0.1.6 (inclusive) are fully wire-compatible with each
other. Wire-compatibility-breaking changes are still anticipated in the

Foolscap is a next-generation RPC/RMI/remote-object protocol, intended to
eventually replace Perspective Broker. It offers remote object-capability
facilities for Python programs using Twisted's event loop, based upon
concepts and patterns from the E language (http://www.erights.org/). For more
information and bug reporting, please visit the Foolscap home page at:



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