[Twisted-Python] Re: [Twisted-web] installed twisted. twisted.web missing?

Phil Christensen phil at bubblehouse.org
Mon Oct 29 11:01:23 EDT 2007

I saw this pop up over on -web, but I'd like to ask about this...

On Oct 29, 2007, at 3:49 AM, David Reid wrote:
> On Oct 28, 2007, at 6:14 PM, aaron smith wrote:
>> quick newb question. I installed twisted from source on mac os x  
>> leopard. When I run:
>> >>python
>> >>import twisted
>> >>from twisted.web import http
>> I get an ImportError: ImportError: No module named web
> Unfortunately there is an incomplete distribution of twisted 2.4 in / 
> System/Library/Frameworks
> Your source install likely went into /Library/Python/2.5/site- 
> packages/ which is also unfortunately  after /System/Library/ 
> Frameworks in the PYTHONPATH.
> Put /Library/Python/2.5/site-packages/ at the front of your  

This seems like a relatively large issue with respect to Twisted  
support on Mac OS X. Is it really going to be necessary to set an  
environment variable anywhere you want to use Twisted? I guess this  
would be an issue for any of the packages distributed in Extras, but  
this is the one I have the most opinions about ;-)...

Is there some other way to modify your path? I assume .pth files won't  
work for this, since they only append to the path.


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