[Twisted-Python] Project design questions

Paul_S_Johnson at mnb.uscourts.gov Paul_S_Johnson at mnb.uscourts.gov
Mon Oct 1 17:36:38 EDT 2007

Here's a description of my general game plan and my questions are below:

Create a GUI-based, dashboard-like application that monitors the overall 
health of our resources. It would be a tool that helps pinpoint trouble 
spots when performance is less than desirable. Ideally, we would get such 
a good handle on it that it would warn us of impending trouble before it 
causes a failure.

Monitor web traffic by distilling down Apache logs
Monitor server hardware through built in firmware http interface
Monitor server health via command line commands:
        disk space
        processor load
Monitor database health via command line commands
Monitor backup success through log output
Monitor misc. server messages
Monitor switch traffic
Monitor processes
...And more.

Our main servers are on a WAN whose security is the job of the greater 
org.  We have access through SSL connections now, but we may not be able 
to get permissions to open any additional ports for our monitoring 

Very basic question: am I better off leaving most of the heavy lifting (as 
in the programming logic) on the client side? This would mean more data 
would have to pass from server to client app (e.g. a whole web log or part 
thereof) which is the downside. The upside is that in a failure emergency 
situation if my server is still up enough to have a SSH connection my 
dashboard app may still be useful to me. Thoughts?

If we are not constrained to only get our info via SSH what's the best 
kind of connection to have? My thought is to use the Prospective Broker 
since that seems to be the most Pythonistic option. Is it possible to 
encrypt the PB server connection?

Are there any Twisted methods of tunneling through an existing SSH 
connection (just a wild thought)?


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