[Twisted-Python] Re: mktap/twistd in a Windows service

Paul Moore pf_moore at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 7 18:43:41 EST 2007

Jean-Paul Calderone wrote:
>> However, I want to run this as a Windows service. Ideally, twistd 
>> would have a --install-service flag or something, but it doesn't so I 
>> went looking, and found postings covering tap2ntsvc which creates 
>> services from tap files, but it seems to have been replaced by ntsvc, 
>> which only handles .tac files :-(
> It would be very excellent if twistd had a --install-service flag.  
> There is a relatively minimal level of interest in Windows-specific functionality
> among the currently active Twisted developers, though.  This means that it
> isn't very likely that any of us will undertake to add this feature.
> That doesn't mean that we'll never implement it, nor that we wouldn't 
> accept a patch which implements it from someone else who is more interested
 > in it than we are.  If someone provides the functionality, with unit 
> then we'll gladly incorporate and maintain it.  I'm not sure if you would be
> interested in doing this work or not;  I'm directing this as much at you as
> at all of the other users of Twisted on Windows who I know are out there 
> and mostly remain silently.

Thanks for the information. I would love to say that I would look at 
this, but I really don't have the knowledge of Twisted, or the time to 
do a decent job. I'll certainly add it to my to do list, but although I 
love twisted in theory, in practice, I don't write enough of the type of 
software it's good at, for me to more than dabble. My main use, as I 
hinted at in my original mail, is to just use the prepackaged 
functionality - for which you have my eternal gratitude. (As it happens, 
the need I originally had for a DNS server has passed - I found an 
easier workaround for the specific case I was interested in).

If anyone does want to work on this, I'd certainly be happy to help 
where I can - I have a reasonable amount of Windows coding experience, 
both in Python and otherwise.

Thanks once again for the detailed reply.

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