[Twisted-Python] Re: Vote: The Engine of Your Internet

Duncan McGreggor duncan.mcgreggor at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 19:20:40 EDT 2007

On 3/12/07, Duncan McGreggor <duncan.mcgreggor at gmail.com> wrote:
> Vote now!
> In the spirit of all contests that are thinly disguised high school
> popularity contests, there is a poll up on jyte.com, and we need your
> help!
>  http://jyte.com/cl/twistedmatrix.com-is-the-engine-of-your-internet
> Because, if we loose... well... the Jocks will get to claim the
> sandpit for their debauched parties, and where will we host our
> late-night chess and math club parties?

The sandpit is almost ours! We've gone from 10 against 31 to 21
against 31. Still down by ten,, but climbing steadily...


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