[Twisted-Python] seafelt uses twisted

Justin Warren daedalus at eigenmagic.com
Tue Mar 6 02:44:02 EST 2007

Hey folks,

This is sort of related to the SNMP replies I've made recently. It says
in the wiki that you're interested in projects that use twisted, so I
thought I'd let you know that seafelt (http://www.seafelt.com) now uses
twisted at the core of the backend programs, for SNMP, ICMP and TCP
discovery and polling, as well as asynchronous database access to

seafelt is a network performance monitoring and reporting tool that I've
been working on with Jim Crumpler for the past several years in our free
time. We started it because we thought MRTG was too limited and the
enterprise tools too unwieldy and expensive. We hope to do something
commercial with it at some point, but it's free for personal and
non-commercial use.

The SNMP library is released under the MIT license, and I'd be happy to
have the library components integrated into twisted, particularly bits
like the ICMP code, since the twisted-pair stuff appears to have
stalled? Incidentally, I wrote libsnmp quite a few years back because
PySNMP had some performance issues at large scale, so I don't know if
that's improved now that PySNMP is integrated with twisted.

I recently ported all our old threaded code across to twisted and it's
now even faster and more efficient, not to mention easier to debug. I
think I now finally grok Deferreds, though I still struggle with Errback
chains and Unhandled Deferred errors from time to time.

So yeah, check it out if you're interested in this kind of thing.

Big thumbs up to the twisted guys for providing us with such a great
framework. You guys rock, but you knew that already. ;)

Justin Warren <daedalus at eigenmagic.com>

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