[Twisted-Python] two twisted clients, how can I trigger the other one's callback in one's callback?

slowtech chen slowtech.chen at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 21 03:49:04 EDT 2007

Thanks guys, It helped a lot, but still something I haven't figured out,
what I do is like:

reactor.connectTCP(host1, port1, factory1)
reactor.connectTCP(host2, port2, factory2)

using different protocols, so I can't do it the way Arnar does. 
my confusion is how to get the *valid* protocol instance to refer, I tried factory2.buildProtocol(None) in protocol1's callback, but the instance I get has a None transport attribute.
I guess the instance is not the same with the one reactor.connectTCP(host2, port2, factory2) is actually using.

thanks for any help.

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