[Twisted-Python] Problem with trial using the reactor

Konrads Smelkovs konrads.smelkovs at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 04:21:11 EDT 2007

On Thu, 2007-06-07 at 01:23 -0400, Ben Artin wrote:

> Another possible solution to the trial/reactor impedance mismatch you  
> commented on would be for trial spawn off a process for each test. By  
> definition, that process would get its own reactor and could not  
> taint any other tests. The test rig process could happily use  
> Deferred semantics, while presenting a synchronous interface to trial.
This is a I-think-so-too post. Letting the OS clean up things is a sane
approach. I also see a few more benefits, such as running tests in
parallel on SMP machines. Also, I don't think that the overhead of
forking/spawning is big enough to pay attention - at worst, 50ms per
test and 10 more megabytes of memory. As the saying goes, "We all have
pentiums now..."

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