[Twisted-Python] Making a persistent SSH connection for a GUI

Paul_S_Johnson at mnb.uscourts.gov Paul_S_Johnson at mnb.uscourts.gov
Tue Jul 17 12:10:31 EDT 2007

I am not new to Python but am to Twisted. I am also no guru when it comes 
to complex OO in Python.

I have a PythonCard app that's a dashboard-like app and have it opening 
child windows that open SSH connections to various servers. I see plenty 
of conch examples of "open, get and close" but I would like to keep the 
connection to the server persistent so avoid the necessary connection 
overhead each time I want to fetch info from a server from the parent 

Does anyone have an example of a persistent conch connection inside 
wxPython or similar GUI? I have scoured the web and come up empty handed 
though I found a few shreds that have part of the answer. I've tried to 
tweak the nonpersistent examples, but making my way through four layers of 
subclasses is a bit daunting.

Any help much appreciated.

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