[Twisted-Python] conch command at a time

Eli Criffield elicriffield at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 01:52:56 EDT 2007

Does anyone have an example of an conch code that executes one
command, process the results then executes another that maybe
different based on the output of the first. And continues processing
commands like that all in the same session. Almost like "expect".

Thats a bit different then the conch script itself in that it just
executes commands then sends you the output, and doesn't process it at

Thats what I'm trying to accomplish, but i can't even find an example
where i could set a list of commands to run, then kick off a ssh and
execute the commands in order and return the results of all of them to
store off somewhere.

I'm not sure if using SSHSession or SSHUnixChannel would help to do
this because they have no documentation on what they do or how to use

Eli Criffield

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