[Twisted-Python] Develop application by Twisted.

Andrew Bennetts andrew-twisted at puzzling.org
Wed Jul 4 01:46:09 EDT 2007

Cong Hoang Huu wrote:
> Hi.
> If our company develops an application by Twisted and distributes (or sell)
> only binary packages to customer (without source code), is that ok? Do we have
> to transfer source code to customer also?

The current version of Twisted is distributed under what is known as the "MIT
license", as you can see for yourself by looking at the contents of the source
code package you have downloaded (see the LICENSE file, which every source code
file refers to).

The MIT license is short and simple, and I recommend you read it for yourself.
There is no clause in the license that requires you to distribute the Twisted
source code at any time for any reason.  So the answer to your question is "no",
but be sure to read the license so that you abide by the conditions it places on
your right to redistribute the software.

I would explain it in this email, but honestly the license is shorter than the
explanation I would write, so I think you'd be better off just reading that.



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