[Twisted-Python] Twisted server is 5 times SLOWER on Solaris than Linux?

Pavel Pergamenshchik ppergame at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 15:32:13 MST 2007

On 1/17/07, Jarrod Roberson <jarrod at vertigrated.com> wrote:
> I we have a basic twisted server that we have doing nothing but dropping
> received bits on the floor, and sending back a static response.

 Post your code somewhere. Perhaps you are doing something horribly wrong.

Anyone have any idea why we are seeing such poor performance on Solaris?
> Is it the Sparc hardware?

Sparc processors aren't exactly well known for their blazing speed. Try a
trivial CPU benchmark like hashcash. The Sparc box might be better at
concurrency, but your Twisted benchmark is probably not using multiple CPUs.

Also, Twisted 2.5 includes an epoll reactor. It should scale considerably
better than poll, but you need a 2.6 Linux kernel for it.
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