[Twisted-Python] Server authentication

Martin Evans martin at browns.co.uk
Tue Jan 16 02:09:29 MST 2007

I'm currently implementing a proprietary set of protocols for 
interacting with twisted running on a Microsoft server. All is 
working fine so far using the basic line receiver / raw methods.

I was hoping to add a form of authentication to the protocol. Is 
there anyway to interact with the existing accounts on the server?

The client wishes to make use of some of the lock down facilities 
based on the Microsoft Server accounts. ie in the same way MS Telnet 
server allows you to logon and then be taken to your own folder. I 
have taken a quick look at the cred module but have not seen anything 
suitable yet.

I am currently running "python twistd.py -y myserver.nac"

If such a module has not been developed, I assume I could develop a C 
extension module of some sort.

Any pointers would be a appreciated. Thanks.


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